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Ghassan N. Fanous, M.D.

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Whether you are already pregnant or trying to conceive, having children is a thrilling journey. To ensure you have the best medical care during this process, schedule an appointment with Ghassan Fanous, M.D. in Odessa, Texas. With over twenty years of experience in OB/GYN medicine, Dr. Fanous helps women bring new life into the world with a full range of pregnancy services and care. Proper care during pregnancy is key to the health of your baby: to learn more and schedule your first appointment, call the office or book online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

How soon should I get pregnancy care?

If you are planning on becoming pregnant or you are actively trying to conceive, it is a good idea to start your medical care now.

Working with a qualified OB/GYN like Dr. Fanous ensures that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy throughout the entire process. Dr. Fanous will also ensure that you receive all the necessary tests, screenings, and check-ups you need at the appropriate stages of your pregnancy.


Which pregnancy services are offered?

Dr. Fanous offers a wide range of pregnancy services for women. In general, pregnancy services include routine tests and screenings, on-site ultrasounds, and bloodwork.

He also offers preconception counseling and genetic testing for couples who are planning to become pregnant, besides infertility counseling for couples who are having challenges conceiving. With an in-house laboratory, Dr. Fanous can also conduct fast and effective tests and screenings.

Regardless of the services you need, Dr. Fanous manages your care throughout the entire pregnancy process, from conception to delivery, and ensures you have a safe and healthy journey with attentive, compassionate care rooted in many years of experience.


What if I have a high-risk pregnancy?

Dr. Fanous is well-known for treating high-risk pregnancy patients, such as women over the age of 35 or women who have medical conditions that make pregnancy riskier. Other factors that might put you at risk for a complicated pregnancy include a history of miscarriages, being pregnant with twins, or having uterine abnormalities like fibroids.

Regardless of your challenges, Dr. Fanous ensures that you have the appropriate tests, screenings, and care you need to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.


What can I expect after pregnancy?

Dr. Fanous can continue your OB/GYN care after your pregnancy. Many women have specific post-partum concerns, like breastfeeding or returning to a regular menstrual cycle. Dr. Fanous can help you navigate these challenges and can continue your care if you plan to have another pregnancy in the future.

To continue your journey after pregnancy, call the office or schedule a consultation with Dr. Fanous online.