Dr. Fanous: why he chose MonaLisa Touch

A few years ago, sales representatives began to reach out to me about new technology for vaginal atrophy and dryness. This piqued my interest, with so many women being affected either due to menopause or cancer treatment.  While some women go through menopause without these symptoms, such women are the exception rather than the rule.  Consequently, I knew the technology--if it worked--would be crucial to my patient care.  

I researched several different manufacturers, trying to ensure I found the best technology for the best value.  Mona Lisa was by far the best option.  It was the innovator of the technology, which basically involves rebuilding cells with a laser.  It is supported by more clinical studies than any other similar technology, studies by the most prominent people in the field. On a personal note, one of the three physicians who trains other physicians for the Mona Lisa trained with me during our residency.  Because we were in the same program, I know he is highly-trained and laser-focused on women's health.  I knew he would not lend his name to something that was ineffective, and I was equally impressed with each medical professional I met in my search for the right technology.

Ultimately, my choice to offer this treatment was about patient care, I would like to think my decisions always are.  I feel I can provide real help, help that was not available just a few years ago, to improve painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, and vaginal atrophy.

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