Why MonaLisa?

Last fall, Dr. Ghassan Fanous became interested in a product called Mona Lisa, a product for vaginal dryness and atrophy.  I was REALLY hard on the poor sales representative during a lunch he had for our staff, basically telling him it was too expensive and seemed unmarketable in Odessa, Texas.  Dr. Fanous continued to express interest in the idea of such a product and researched beyond this brand, hoping to find something for a better value.  He ultimately had to look at the Mona Lisa as a clinician:  this product was developed by a world-renowned urogynecologist, Dr. Mickey Karram.  If I see Dr. Karram's name on a mailer for a medical conference, I know we may get to go there because he is such a superstar, and Dr. Fanous respects him so much.  Furthermore, in the brochure the sales rep left, there was a testimonial from a Tennessee ob/gyn who was in Dr. Fanous's residency class. Dr. Fanous called him and came to the conclusion that all the medicine is there to support this specific device.  He felt certain this could provide relief for menopausal women and women with similar problems, perhaps due to chemotherapy.   

You can get lots of good information from the Mona Lisa website.  I love it because it isn't some sort of Real Housewives approach--it's all very clinical and appropriate.  I get that doctors all over the country are diversifying their practices with aesthetics and other cash products, but that is not now nor will it ever be us.  Dr. Fanous just wants to practice obstetrics and gynecology, and here is something that can help his patients.  We are thrilled!  So yes it is a laser, but it builds cells, it isn't erasing, rejuvenating, or anything those Housewives might want.    The Mona Lisa is supported by over a dozen clinical trials.

Oh, by the way, I love the Housewives, but only in my dreams am I Heather Dubrow.

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