My experience with MonaLisa Touch: Jennie Fanous

Many years ago, Dr. Fanous spoke to a group of women in the lobby of the Wheatley Pavillion about menopause. I have no idea why I attended this event except perhaps to get a break from our five kids, but I remember it very distinctly. After some polite banter, there was a swell of questions in increasing volume and earnestness like "What can you do about vaginal dryness?" and "Can you help painful intercourse?" You could tell they were frustrated and had already tried of what was available at the time: hormones and creams. Dr. Fanous and I spoke about it after, and he pretty much had to shrug and say this is what happens in menopause, and there's not much that could be done. 

Fast forward fifteen years, and now guess who is menopausal? Yes, sisters, that is me. I love talking to all our similarly-situated patients and telling them that (much like when he had to go through pregnancies with me), Dr. Fanous is learning a lot about his job from me. But we women of a certain age just can't get enough of conversations about hot flashes, irregular and horrific periods, and the like. While Dr. Fanous still has a very robust obstetrical practice, we also have lots of women my age who were having babies back when we moved to Odessa, Texas, in 2003 and have aged along with us. 

I will save for later the story of how Dr. Fanous specifically chose Mona Lisa touch for the practice, but suffice it to say we bought a device that rebuilds cells, helping with those menopausal issues discussed by that group of women so many years ago. Dr. Fanous had to do a training out of state and then one in office, and he needed a few test patients. He kept mentioning that I should be one of them, and I will not lie: I was kind of offended! I had to tell him after a few comments from him to staff that I was tired of his references to my worn-out lady parts! But I had to pause and consider what was happening to my 52 year-old body, and ultimately I agreed to be a practice patient. 

This Tuesday was practice day, and as is always the case when one must get herself into stirrups, I was anxious. All I really knew was this was a laser and that maybe I should shave better (thanks, Tela!). So here is what happened: I had some numbing agent applied, our amazing CNM Melissa inserted the device, and I guess she shot the laser around for a few minutes. It was far less of an event than a pap smear, and the only thing resembling pain was a slight pins and needles feeling at one point, which was far less noticeable then when your hand falls asleep. Just a few minutes and it was over. Melissa then gave me instructions (no intercourse for 7 days, no wiping and only blotting for 24 hours, and no shower for a day. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS IN ADVANCE, but I am sure they will treat "real patients" better!). 

It's been two days, and I can say nothing revolutionary has happened, but I really think there is less "rawness" than I ordinarily have as my normal baseline. I have two more treatments at 6 and 12 weeks, and then just an annual follow up. I do hope to keep you posted in the most modest possible way, as my kids will be horrified if I say too much, but you ladies need to know about this, and how it is affecting someone like you. I can't speak to the medical aspects--set up an appointment for that--but I can tell you of my experience. 

If we can help, we want to help. You can reach out to me any time at our office email,, or call to chat at 582-2280. 

Written by: Jennie Fanous. 

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