Mona Lisa: six weeks in

I have had remarkable results from one Mona Lisa treatment.  I will tell you a bit about my first-hand experience, but the two other stories I would like to tell are truly jaw-dropping.

In my first blog post, I wrote that I wasn't aware of my physiological changes from menopause.  I have to admit I just wasn't paying much attention.  I might wear a pair of skinny jeans and find them pretty darn uncomfortable after a few hours, but my abundant body dysmorphia allowed me to chalk that up to overeating.  No, ladies--that discomfort is common for women going through menopause.  Other simple things such as my morning run or even using toilet paper were irritating.  Like so many other aspects of aging, it's gradual, and you don't give it much thought if it hasn't become unbearable.  I am now at the six weeks mark after my first Mona Lisa treatment, and those problems have resolved.  There's no more ever-present burning sensation, the dryness is cured.  The change was progressive for me, not really immediate, but after two weeks I noticed improvement.  Cells are growing, so change happens over time, and so six weeks in I see even more improvement than four weeks ago.  I think that is probably enough of what I want to say about me, because it is just really creepy for me to tell the public about my lady parts and then link the blog post to my personal facebook page, where my son's teen-aged friends might read it.  
That said, I am more than happy to chat on the phone or by email if you have specific questions.

One of the women we asked to be a test patient is a young breast cancer survivor.  We had our first treatments on the same day, and she came in this week for her second.  I hope she will write a blog for me, because I would love for people who read this blog to hear the words of her heart, sentiments that are not mine to share but which lifted my soul.  This patient had extreme dryness resulting in painful intercourse, and this can be the side effect for many cancer patients who have had chemotherapy or certain medications.  Her results were much more immediate, but she was also a much worse case.  What I found shocking is that she knew of Mona Lisa from cancer survivor groups, but her oncologist at M.D. Anderson hadn't heard of it!  I got a similar reaction this week when I called Texas Oncology to see if we could talk to their staff, something we were moved to do having heard this patient's dramatic improvement.  This treatment that actually reverses one of the really unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy is unknown to them. It's true this is a new technology, but someone at Mona Lisa isn't reaching out to providers who can change their patient's lives.  So if you know and love a cancer survivor, you might want to share the link to the Mona Lisa website:  There are many physicians across the country who offer Mona Lisa Touch, and I am sure your loved one can find someone to help them.  We would be more than happy to arrange for your loved one to come here for treatment too--one need not be our patient--but mostly I just want to get information in the hands of survivors.

Finally, the most dramatic change.  We have a patient who has suffered for 15 years from vaginal atrophy and dryness so bad she could not even stand with her legs together.  Pap smears were horrific for her, as it was a struggle to insert a speculum.  Obviously, intercourse was impossible.  She tried the usual (and extremely expensive) options to offer temporary relief, such as creams and oral medicine, but they had no effect.  She told her husband at one point that he should divorce her because she could not be the wife she felt he should have.  Suddenly, this product comes out that offers a CURE, not just a topical treatment.  She had improvement almost immediately.  Her pain rating before the first treatment was a 10, and she reported this week when she came for her second treatment it is now a ZERO.  Six weeks and one treatment in, a ZERO.  This changed her life.  It changed her husband's life.  Dr. Fanous knew the medicine was there to support this, but seeing a cure for a patient he struggled to help has been humbling and incredibly rewarding.

I am available by email to answer any questions you may have at, or feel free to call and talk at 582-2280.

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